Warm Up Your Living Room with Artificial House Plants

Green is in!

Artificial house plants bring a natural warmth to your living room decor. The variety of arrangements and sizes is impressive. Stick with the green, like palms, or fill your room with color using a detailed floral arrangement. You have choices…LOTS OF THEM!

Artificial house plants, or topiaries, as they’re often called are usually handcrafted from quality materials and twined or displayed on wire forms. Many retailers sell them in vases and urns for a nice presentation. They’re durableversatile and easy to take care of.

Why Artificial?

Well thank you for asking! That’s a great question with even better answers. Here are some advantages of artificial house plants over their living counterparts.

  1. No trimming, pruning or modification of any kind. They always maintain their shape.
  2. No watering needed, so take a long vacation, it’s OK!
  3. They never lose their leaves, so they always look exactly the same
  4. Safe for animals and children

Decorating with Artificial House Plants

Want to decorate with artificial house plants but don’t know how?

Let’s see if we can come up with a good example…or two…or three. Oh yeah!! Jen’s sister’s house. She makes wonderful use of artificial arrangements and greeneryin her living room. Here are some surfaces that can be “spruced up” with an artificial plant or flower arrangement.

  1. Armoires - use a tall arrangement in the center to elongate the armoire (especially useful for tall ceilings) or use one to the side as an accent
  2. Fireplaces - use tall arrangement on the floor to flank both sides of the hearth or a small, wide arrangement on either side.
  3. Sofa Tables - use as a centerpiece or an accent on either side
  4. Coffee Tables or Ottomans - Jen’s sister has a beautiful white tulip arrangement in the center of her ottoman on a dark brown wicker tray.

Does your living room have a lot of straight lines? A topiary makes a wonderful accent due to its streamlined shape. A topiary adds to the sophistication of such a room as it’s clean and well manicured.

Examples of Artificial House Plants

Bamboo Palm Topiary from HomeDecorators.com.Let’s start off with a nice Bamboo Palm Topiary from Home Decorators Collection. What better way to get ready for summer than with this topiary. Jen’s always wanted palm trees in the backyard. Now you and her can have them right inside your own living room.

Phoenix Palm Topiary from HomeDecorators.com.

Here’s another one for ya! We feel like we’re in the desertsouthwest when we look at this Phoenix Palm Topiaryfrom Home Decorators Collection. Hey! It comes with the planter! Awesome!

Boxwood Bush With Ceramic Base Topiary from HomeDecorators.com.

Our final selection from Home Decorators Collection is the Boxwood Bush With Ceramic Base. The weathered base fits well with neutral decor. This is a high quality item that you’ll get year after year of use from.

How about some smaller items for your tables, hearths and armoires? Target Home is a fantastic source for artificial house plants. Here are a few of their more popular items…

Croton Tropical Arrangement - Green from Target.Hydrangea Arrangement White and Green from Target.

Why Artificial House Plants Are Great for Any Living Room, Especially Yours!

Let’s sum this one up. Here are the top 5 reasons why artificial house plants are great for your living room…

  1. Variety - they complement any decorating style
  2. Easy Care - no watering, no pruning, no nothing…ever!
  3. Versatility - they can be used in so many different places in your living room (table tops, corners, near chairs, in front of hearths)
  4. Durability - a quality topiary will last a long time and keep its shape flawlessly
  5. Indoor/Outdoor - many can be used outdoor under cover, as well as in your living room

This really is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for warmth, comfort and a natural feel in your living room, artificial house plants are a necessity!

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