Great Style and Comfort With A Fleece Throw Blanket


You were thinking chenille, weren’t you?

Silk fleece throw blanketSorry, but a fleece throw blanket is a great mix of comfort and basic style. It looks great and keeps you warm on those cold winter nights.

Don’t get us wrong, we love chenille too.

This is a Silk Fleece Throw lying over that chair. It comes in six colors and if it looks that good over that chair, just imagine yourself wrapped up in it on a cold winter night.

The Statement A Fleece Throw Makes…

There are two great things about having a fleece throw blanket (or two) in your living room.

Linen Source silk fleece throw.First is the feeling when you’re wrapped in one. If your living room is an all-purpose room, where you entertain guests and spend quality family time, there’s nothing more comfortable than wrapping up in a fleece throw to watch TV, read or talk on the phone.

Second, is the statement the throw makes. A fleece throw blanket says, “We love spending time in the living room!” It also says, “We want a balance of warmth, softness and comfort with great style!”

For example, this silk fleece throw from Linen Source is soft, stylish and comes is nice, subtle colors to suit any living room.

Some Other Suggestions…

Target corduroy fleece throw.We have to admit, if you’re looking for designer patterns and lots of flair, stay away from fleece. Chenille, egyptian cotton or microsuede may be better options for you.

However, for great warmth and comfort and basic style, fleece is a fine option. Here’s a few more of our faves…

First is the corduroy fleece throw from - What a cool idea, corduroy on the outside, fleece on the inside, warm and toasty all over!

Target Red Fleece Throw.Here’s another one you might like, the red fleece throw also from It’s simple but provides a nice splash of color for your living room. If you’d like to stay a little more subdued, it’s available in black.



A last word…

A fleece throw blanket is an awesome accent for your living room. Combine comfort, warmth, and style for a great looking accessory that keeps you warm in the winter.

Add other accents like frames, sconces and candle holders to complement your colors and furniture perfectly.

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