Build a Solid Foundation with a Fabulous Living Room Color Scheme

Just imagine finding the perfect combination of colors, a fantastic living room colorscheme that sets the ‘tone’ for the rest of your living room design.

Fabulous Living Room Color Scheme

Color is everywhere…it’s a symbol for our moods, our thoughts, and the seasons.

What does the color scheme in the photo above express?

The combintation of orange, tan, red and brown conveys an earthy, casual attitude. The room is inviting, comfortable, and calm.

Maybe you live by the water and nautical fits your style. You would use blues, whites, greens and yellows to incorporate the beach, water, and sun into your room.

If you live in a downtown loft, you may choose an industrial look with white, black and silver elements – with a splash of bright color, like red, thrown in for contrast.

If you’re in search of the perfect country look – try some softer, blues, reds (perhaps a mauve color), yellows and light browns (especially as a furniture color).

The Birth of our Color Scheme

We chose a color scheme similar to the one in the picture for our living room. Brown is Jen’s favorite color and I love all the tones and colors you can mix into a neutral scheme – like red, gold, bronze, maize, and orange. Our next move is to introduce some darker brown accents

A color scheme should be complementary, yet flexible. A color scheme can have as few or as many colors as you want, as long as you keep in mind that one or two colors should form the foundation, with other colors as accents.

With our living room, brown and tan are those foundational colors. Our walls are latte, our armoire and end table are medium and dark brown, and our ottoman is a darker brown leather. That doesn’t mean we don’t mix in black (picture frames, candle holders); subtle reds, oranges, and blues (our coach and club chair) some accents); and bronze, deep reds, and golds (accentsand our the framed art above the mantle).

Resources To Help You Color Your World…

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It’s time for your frustration to end, not only with that, but every other challenge you’ve faced while trying to create the living room of your dreams. How about we start with some easy to complete checklists to help you identify your own personal living room style?uggling with your living room color scheme?

Then let’s talk about taking stock of what you have, what you can reuse and what you’ll need to transform your living room. Finally let’s move into a step-by-step guide to living room design and decorating that covers colors, flooring, windows, furniture, accents and those weird architectural challenges built into each home.

Along the way we’ll give you Designer Tips, low budget and no budget ideas, and hit on things like decorating small spaces or working around the challenges in your living room.

A Living Room Color Scheme…Flexible, Fun, First Building Block

Whether it’s neutral, nautical, or outrageous…your living room color scheme is the first building block to creating a great space.

Choose wisely, but choose a color scheme that makes you happy. Capture the mood you want for your living room. Make sure your color scheme allows you to remain flexible in selecting furniture, lighting and accents.

Have fun with your living room color scheme and make it your own!