Contemporary Leather Chairs Are The Style of the Day

Want a chair with great shape, sophistication and comfort?

Contemporary leather chairs are in your future.

The definition of comtemporary is “of today” or “right now”, as it pertains to furniture.

These awesome chairs are simply a product of what’s “in” right now.

Comfort is in right now…

Subtle sophistication is in right now…

Neutral colors are in right now…

Contemporary leather chairs are no more than an expression of today’s mood and today’s attitude.

Contemporary leather chairs


There is just something about leather. The texture, the look, the durability, and the ease of care make leather furniture a great buy and a great design choice.

Some Leather Facts

  1. Leather furniture tends to improve with age. If taken care of, it will not look worn out over time.
  2. Some sources say leather furniture is four times as durable as fabric upholstered furniture
  3. There are three types of leather furniture commonly sold: aniline (softest, most expensive and requires most care), semi-aniline (small amount of coating), and fully pigmented (full coating, not as luxurious but easiest to care for).
  4. Leather/vinyl combination furniture is common, but the vinyl tends to wear faster than the leather. The areas where the body doesn’t make contact(sides/back) are made of vinyl in this type of furniture.
  5. About half the upholstered furniture sold today is made of leather.

Quick Leather Care Tips

  • Dust your furniture regularly
  • Use a leather conditioner every 6-12 months
  • Spills will come off coated leathers easily with a damp rag
  • Follow the care instructions from the manufacturer

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