Frieze Carpet – Plush, Gorgeous and High Quality

Frieze carpet! We have to have it in our house. Nothing else will do.

That’s what I heard from Jen when we started to look for houses in Texas a few years back. Back then, I didn’t even know what it was.

What’s the big deal? Why it is so special?” I asked.

Then I saw it at the design store and it was pretty obvious why it was the only type of carpet for our brand

Frieze Carpet

Frieze Basics

You have flooring choices aplenty in your living room. Carpets are diverse, practical and quite stylish. Floors not so hot? Carpet is where it’s at. You probably knew that already, though.

Frieze carpet is a type of twisted cut carpet that is made of dense yet short, separate fibers. What’s really wonderful about it is the homespun tweedy and nubbly look to it. Ranging over a numerous variety of densities, each tuft of fabric has an individual look to it.

The Good Stuff – Features and Benefits

Frieze carpets feature thick wool and can take the high traffic of your most popular rooms, like your living room. Footprints? Dirt? No problem. It won’t get matted down.

The thick wool provides another distinct advantage. It can hide marred or deformed floors or hallways. Combine the thick wool with a naturally higher cut and every floor it covers looks plush and inviting, not to mention level.

Frieze is also soft and comfortable. Kick off your shoes and walk across a frieze-covered floor. You will instantly notice the difference.

Lastly, the quality of the wool makes it durable. When we left Texas, almost 3 years after our arrival, our carpet looked brand new. All we did was clean it and vacuum it.

What Sets Frieze Apart – Advantages

Remember, your living room flooring is your choice and your choice alone. Your needs have to win out, in the end.

You can use hardwoods, laminates, tile or other types of carpet. But, with frieze carpet you can count on the following advantages over other types of flooring.

  • Noise reduction – the thickness of frieze gives it great sound absorption qualities
  • Safety – get other types of floors wet and they get slippery, not frieze.
  • Warmth – the thickness and height hold in heat well, that saves you on your heating bills
  • Health – the high quality of the wool and it’s unique cut makes it easier to clean


While frieze carpet is easier to clean because to the quality of the wool, it does grab and hold more dust and particles. More frequent vacuuming is required to keep it clean and plush.

Because the quality is higher, so is the cost. The wool used is of a higher quality and the manufacturing process is more involved, in order to get that homespun look.

I will say this though…you get what you pay for. Our frieze carpet served us well for 2 ½ years and made our home look and feel that much more special.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your vacuum is your best friend to keep your frieze clean. I recommend you use a beater bar because it shakes up the fabric, loosening the fully absorbed dirt within.

Professional cleaning is essential to keep your carpet in like-new condition. I suggest a professional cleaning every 6 months. This keeps dirt and gunk from getting too ground in and too dried out.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Crimped and twisted into a unique look, frieze carpet is one of the most durable, high-quality carpets money can buy. Its wild and squiggly appearance, along with it’s comfy thickness is perfect for you if you want an upscale look and feel. You’ll pay more, but it will be worth it.

I was a skeptic, at first, but one thing I now know for sureis that when it’s time to buy new carpetfor our current home, it will be frieze.

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