Great Living Room Paint Colors Are a Must!

Living room paint colors could not be more important!

Great Living Room Paint Colors Are a Must!

Important for creating mood, important for lighting, and important for defining your personal style.

Does your personal style keep up with trends? Were many of your rooms white or neutral just a few years back? Are you looking for bolder colors today, like bright yellow, deep red or blue?

Dig into those magazines and get out there on the web to find those trends, if that’s your direction. Take a look at recent issues of House Beautiful and check out paint company websites, like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. We bet you’ll see something that will pique your interest and get your wheels turning.

Color My Mood

Trends aside, let’s get some of the basics down. This will help you match a color to what you’re feeling inside.

Color stimulates our senses and even changes our moods. Outgoing people feel happy with bold living room paint colors, while more shy people prefer the more passive, or subdued colors. By using a specific color combination in a color scheme, you can create a living room that is welcoming and comfortable.

Try not to use more than two main colors in a room, a main color and a trim color, or one color for three walls and another for an accent wall. One of the best ways to choose living room paint colors that work together is to use a color palette available from your local paint store. Here’s a general rule…the walls define the space of a room while colors define the mood you would like to present.

Colors could be put into three main groups:

  • Colors that can provide harmony and balance
  • Colors that can uplift
  • Colors that can relax

For instance, light blue is tranquil, purple stands for power or royalty, while green is for nature. By the same token grays and blacks are subdued colors while yellow brings out happiness. Do we even need to say that red is the color of romance?

Matching Colors and Themes

Once you decide on a decorating style, or even a theme, for your living room, you can try to match the living room paint colors to fit that style. For some info on how to do that try this page on living room wall colors.

Depending on what you’re spending to redecorate your living room, you’ll have to make some choices. If you’re going to bring in new furniture, you can afford to choose the colors you want, then match the furniture to those colors. If your budget is limited then you may need to make sure the colors you choose are a good fit with your existing furniture.

Either way, start with your room’s focal point and build outwards. Either use complementary colors or make the focal point stand out with something light around it.

Classic Colors That Still Do the Trick

The most popular color today is still white or off-white because it makes the room look very large and also makes small pieces, like lamps and tables, look bigger. White also adds light to your living room while helping to keep it cooler in the summer months. However, too many rooms with white walls tend to make your home look sterile or generic, not to mention the time you’ll have keeping your walls clean.

A great idea would be to add hints of color to complement your white walls. How about a tan for your trim or a light green or bright blue? Maybe a tan or taupe accent wall.

If you’re looking for warmth and trying to keep things conservative, perhaps for resale value down the road, there’s nothing like earth tones to accomplish just that. Earth tones blend in nicely with just about everything. We’re talking tans, browns, oranges, darker reds, bronze, mustard yellows and golds.