Living Room Storage Ideas for Your Smaller Home are Here!

Struggling with living room storage in your small home?

No room on your tables?

Books everywhere?

Kids’ toys all over the place?

Your frustration at an all time high?

Apartment, condo, small home, you name it. The trouble with all these small spaces is they never have enough storage. You’re not the only one who has tried to figure out where to put all the things that seem to find their way into the living room – all those necessities of life.

Living Room Storage Ideas

Now before you start chucking everything out, look at a few of these unique ideas for finding that place for everything.


Armoires made for televisions have all kinds of space for putting things away. The DVD’s you’re collecting, the remotes when not in use, your CD’s and generally anything you don’t want out in the open can go in an armoire. They have vastly different styles but all generally have either shelves or drawers at the bottom. We put Jack’s toys in ours! Armoire drawers and shelves are great for keeping things out of sight and de-cluttering your living room.

Armoires are also fabulous for the home office. Some of us keep the computer in the living room or close by. The computer, monitor and all of your peripherals are hidden away as soon as you close the doors.

Coffee Tables and Sofa Tables

As far as living room storage goes, these two items are the best inventions since the wheel. The coffee table is no longer a small inanimate object that looks neat but really just takes up space. There are styles galore that double very well as living room storage. The coffee table does not even have to be a coffee table, per se. Maybe it’s a trunk, a small credenza, a storage bench or a media console. Anything and everything goes because it’s your living room and every one of these “coffee tables” can keep your “stuff” right where you want it.

Sofa tables also make for great storage devices while helping to break up your room. A sofa table can help break up a TV area from a sitting area and double as a great place to storage books, knick knacks, and other accents like vases and candle holders.


Ottomans are nearly perfect for living room storage. Many ottomans are specifically made for storage with tops that lift off or drawers on the sides. They come in many different colors and materials so you will be sure to find one that goes with the rest of your living room.

Do you know how much one of these will hold? The space inside is perfect for books, the kid’s toys, your husband’s Popular Mechanics and anything that you want to put away to organize your living area. Our leather ottoman holds Jack’s DVD’s and his puzzles.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers have tons of storage and you can use every bit of it to your advantage! Choose a type with many shelves for your books, movies, CD’s, and brick-a-brack. Get one with drawers for your blankets, magazines, and puzzles. Maybe you keep your knitting items inside so you curl up on the couch with a great movie and knit the baby a sweater.

What’s great with entertainment centers, as well as the storage, is that they hold all your electronic components and keep the cords organized for ease of use. DVD player, stereo receiver, Wii and DVR all fit perfectly.

End Tables

End tables are storage waiting to happen if you get the right ones. Choose a wicker or wood one that has a lift top and you can gather up the kids toys and games from the living room floor, storing them inside.

There are other end tables with drawers that are perfect for remotes and coasters. How about a magazine table lamp? Lamp on top with a magazine holder on the side. Can’t beat it!

Living room storage is not hard to find even if you live in a small house, apartment or condo.


There is nothing worse than having little more than one single path to get through your living room.

The room is cluttered to the hilt, you have no idea where all this stuff came from or what to do with it. You need living room storage and you need it now.

Replace the seating with the type that has removable cushions for storage. Bring in shelves for all of your books and movies. Dust off the iPod and finally starting moving your CD collection over.

The furniture you choose should be purchased with storage in mind. If you can buy a piece of furniture that will serve both purposes, DO IT! There are many benches that have storage under the seat and these are perfect for keeping toys in to get them off the floor. Break down and get that ottoman. Use it in place of your coffee table.

Get everything off the floor and put it away. The cluttered look is disturbing and you will never feel like entertaining if your house is always messy. Use the furniture you have already to de-clutter your living room. Have a chest in your bedroom? Bring it out in the living room and use it for storage out there. Dress it up a little with some greenery, a wicker tray and some candles.

Hope we gave you some ideas to get started with. Start thinking outside the box, use furniture that serves dual purposes, and by all means keep stuff out of the living room that doesn’t belong there and you’ll be fine.

Now get to work!