Ready to Have Your Cake AND Eat it Too? It’s Time for an Affordable Area Rug!

It used to be that an affordable area rug meant a cheap area rug. You had to sacrifice quality to buy one that you could afford.

We’re so glad that isn’t the case anymore! More and more stores these days arebringing in rugs that strike a great balance between price and quality, and that can only mean good things for you, the consumer.



Rug Selection

There are two big factors that determine the price of an area rug. The first ismaterials. Wool rugs tend to be pricier, but also higher in quality. Synthetic rugs are a more cost effective option and a better balance between price and quality.

The second factor is how the rug is made. Hand-hooked, or hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive due to the extensive labor involved in creating them. A more affordable option is to go with a machine-made rug.

As far as style, color and shape go, you won’t have any problem finding the right rug to meet your needs. Take a look at this great video that will help you identify man-made vs machine-made rugs.

Decorating With Affordable Area Rugs

Let’s get started with comparing the different styles and giving you some ideas on how to decorate with them.

First up is contemporary/modern. We’ve chosen a Woolrich Rug in Red Squares from Target. This is a great way to combine earthy tones with the sleek geometric shapes often found in comtemporary or modern design. Ifyou like shapes and clean lines but you’re not a black and white person, think about this one as a compromise.

Now this is what you probably think of when the subject of an affordable area rug comes up. A traditionally styled Persian rug, like the Persian Pile Rug in Red and Camel, also from Target. Classic area rug colors and styling. We can see this one in your traditionally styled living room right now.

Here’s an example of a rustic or southwestern styled rug. This one is a perfect mix of traditonal southwestern colors and patterns. The variety of different colors in this rug give you so many more options. Blue, red, tan or brown furniture? No problem. Neutral walls? Great.

From the desert southwest to the heart of America with this country-themed rug. A classic floral for a classic design style. When we go to Jen’s Dad’s house in Tennessee we’re reminded of this popular style. It’s bright, airy and takes us back to a simpler time. No wonder country-themed decor has become so popular in recent years.

Feeling casual? Cool. The Border Tufted Rug in Tan and Black is uncomplicated and will fit your casual style to a tee. We actually have this rug in our kitchen and runners in our downstairs hallways. It’s sophisticated, but simple and it looks fantastic.

It’s Time To Decorate!

Let’s sum it up:

  • Affordable Area Rugs help you anchor your living room and bring your design together
  • Many shapes and sizes are available
  • Two characteristics of affordable area rugs are machine made and synethetic materials vs. hand-hooked and wool
  • Mass merchandisers and online stores carry a great selection at great prices

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