Small Room? Big Solution! Time for a Small Sectional Sofa.

Save space, especially when you don’t have it to begin with! Buy yourself a small sectional sofa.

Sectionals usually consist of multiple components that can be configured into many different designs. In many cases, each component is sold separately, allowing you to purchase the pieces you need to create the look you want. This lets you fill space efficiently and gives you many different looks.

For example, a small sectional sofa can be purchased with a closed sofa or open chaise end. The chaise end allows for more seating and the ability to put your feet up a bit easier, but chaise end sectionals are generally bigger than their sofa end counterparts.

Some sectionals offer the additional flexibility of an additional cushion that allows you to go back and forth between chaise and sofa.

Small Room? Big Solution! Time for a Small Sectional Sofa.

Another nice touch are sectionals with floating chaise ends. This is basically an ottoman that can be moved to either end of the sofa to act as a chaise. Add in the extra sofa cushions for maximum flexibility.

That’s the great thing about a small sectional sofa…it doesn’t have to be big to have a lot of versatility.

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Small Sectional Sofa

Aren’t Sectionals Outdated?

We have to admit that when we first discussed including sectional sofas on this site, our reaction was “No way!! Sectionals are so 1977!!!” Then we started looking around at just how many sectionals are out there and all the styles they come in. Were we surprised!

Sectionals are available in modern, traditional, and country styles – upholstered in fabric, microfiber and leather. They’re also available as sleepers, too. They’re just as popular today as in the ’70’s and they serve the same purpose…provide a lot of seating without using a alot of space.

How Do Sectionals Fit My Lifestyle?

Can you think of a better way to bring people together for some “social” time than gathering around on the sectional? Talk, watch TV, play a board game, you name it. Everyone can be close buy on a sectional.

With the home theater craze picking up more momentum…sectionals built especially for media rooms are a popular item. These pieces tend to be smaller and less configurable, but they have neat features like recliners and drink holders.

Not ready for a media room yet? No problem, you can still purchase a recliner sectional sofa for your living room.

Oyster Bay 3 Seat Sofa

So How Does This Solve My Space Dilemma?

Put it this way…by using a sectional, like the one below, you can put 5 people in a space that normally fits three, or 6 people in a space that would traditionally fit 4. Makes putting together that guest list a whole lot easier!

By using different configurations, attaching or detatching ottomans, or opening sofa ends into chaise ends, you bring more people together in the same amount of space.

Measure out your living room dimensions, find the ideal spot for your sectional and use the dimensions listed with each product to see what will fit your space best.

Remember, there are 45 degree corner pieces, 90 degree corner pieces and multiple seat pieces so by picking a versatile style of sectional and combining pieces, you can fit just about any space.

Small Sectional White

Let’s Recap

Here’s what we’ve learned about small sectional sofas today…

  • Great way to put a lot of seating in a little space
  • A small sectional sofa is great for bringing people together in a variety of social settings
  • Sectional sofas have great features in traditional and media room styles

Regardless of your personal design style, there’s a small sectional sofa that will fit the bill in your living room. How about a sleeper sectional, like this Washington.

If you’re having space issues in your , there’s a good you’re facing space issues in other areas of your home, as well.

Not enough room for a table in your “eat-in” kitchen? Bedroom won’t hold the bed and the dressers? Here is a great article with small space strategies.

Washington Sectional

You Always Have Options…

If we’ve convinced you of how well a small sectional sofa meets your needs, just imagine what buried treasures you may find on these other pages…

A microfiber leather sofa works well as you can see the same sofa in sleek microfiber or durable and supple leather. Another option to consider is a modern italian leather sofa for its great design, beautiful look and amazing quality.

A black leather recliner sofa is functional, stylish, and comfortable. If you’re interested in saving money, consider a cheap sofa or a discount sectional sofa.

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