Tips To Take Care Of Hardwood Flooring

You offer your house with Hardwood Flooring? Actually, it is not completely easy to keep it maintenance and as the original performance. However, if you have good aware of how to clean and save it in the profound way, it is not trouble. You could follow my tips today to have good aspect of how to keep your solid wooden Flooring.

Take care of hardwood floors

Vacuum the floor every week

Your hardwood flooring contains much dirt and dust that you are able to realize. The grit in dust is gathered from day to day and becoming as a trouble if the amount is bigger and bigger. There are many kinds of vacuum cleaners on the market for you to easily select at various prices, types, color and functions. From them, you are totally able to choose the best vacuum for your floor. You need to remember that a good vacuum cleaner must protect the finish as well as keep its appearance. You can move the rotating brushes and beater bar can to clean anywhere in your home. Also, to avoid scratching the finish, you should use the cleaner with smooth brushes and the motor has enough power to vacuum.

Have regular care through sweeping and dust mop also:

Sweep could be seen as the second choice after Vacuum cleaner. Dry sweep will help you wipe up most dirt and dust on the hardwood floor. It is possible to use broom to sweep dust and grit effectively. Also, a good dust mop should be regular used and kept in clean.

Prepare for protections

– It is clear that dirt and grit and sand are your hardwood floor’s dangerous enemies. They will cause scratches, dulling and dents because they act as sandpaper on the surface of wood floor. Therefore, you could put a floor mats right at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage at the first step. When they clean their shoes on the mats, most of dirt and dust will be kept and hence, protect the floor.

– Water and other spills are one of main sectors for hardwood flooring to damage your hardwood floor. Standing water surely warps poorly finished flooring and destroys it. So, you should wipe up all spills as they appear.

– When you lift the furniture to move it, be careful because it is very easy to drag the wood floor. To prevent scratches when move them, you should felt contacts under the legs of furniture.

– One more issue appears when regarding the protection of hardwood flooring is Sunshine. It is because sun can discolor your hardwood floor. Close curtains and blinds to protect the floor from the sun’s intensive UV rays.

Keep in minds these notices to protect your wooden floorings

– Improve your floor’s finish with the hairspray and furniture polish. Using a damp cloth to wipe them up and make more cleanups, also, spraying with window cleaner not containing ammonia.

– What’s more? Always be aware of the weather especially in rainy or snowy days. You should keep out of rain or snow because water is the sector ruining the finish on a hardwood floor in the fastest way. Moreover, it even penetrates deep into the wood and damages it gradually. In these days, take care of the window to close it when necessary. Also, place floor mats entrances to dry shoes and foot before going on the flooring. Plus, for any water you see, please wipe up immediately.

– It is necessary to hold the rules about using waxes to renew the flooring. When you use was on a surface finish as varnish, polyurethane or shellac, it is not a good idea. It is because wax is used to rejuvenate a wax finish. However, it only makes the floor much slipper and not interferes with subsequent finish. For each kind of surface, like polyurethane finish, you should use a polish made for polyurethane. Or please test carefully before restoring your hardwood floor to have an effective result.

– Doormat should be used for your house: to keep your floor always clean, you should equip your home with doormats inside and outside as well. They are used to contain water, dirt and even dust from foot, shoes when people come back home. The doormat has particular size that is suitable for your entrances so don’t worry when buying it.

– You must know that when walking across around just an area so many times a day, you will wear down a hardwood floor’s finish. Therefore, as the advice of Home improvement magazine, rugs with nice style is the most efficient way to reduce the wear. Therefore, for some places or the whole the floor, you could find a rug model.

Solid hardwood floors are among the easiest to keep clean. Protect their warmth and character with simple, everyday cleaning techniques. It’s important to know how to prevent damage to your solid hardwood floors.


Dirt, grit and sand are your hardwood floors worst enemies. They act like sandpaper on the finish, causing scratches, dents and dulling. Place floor mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage.


Standing water can warp a poorly finished hardwood floor and can damage the finish. Simply wipe up all spills as they happen.


Avoid oil soaps. They can build up and create problems when it’s time to put a maintenance coat on the floor. Instead, neutral pH cleaners made specifically for wood floors are recommended.


Lift the furniture to move it — avoid dragging. Felt contacts under the legs will help prevent scratches.


Vacuum with a brush attachment — don’t use vacuums with beater bars.


Direct sun can discolor your hardwood floor. Close curtains and blinds or add sheer drapes to protect from the sun’s intense UV rays.


Brooms with fine, exploded ends trap dust and grit effectively.


Canister vacuums with special bare floor attachments are the surest way to get rid of all the dirt and dust.


Use a good dust mop — one with a 12- to 18- inch cotton head —- and a special dust mop treatment. Spray the treatment onto the mop head 12 to 24 hours before dust mopping.

There are many tips how to protect your hardwood floor for you to make conference. Wooden flooring is recommended as the latest trend for any home decoration for its beauty and convenience. And more importantly, that must be the way to protect it. Not difficult but requires a regular care. Don’t wait for any minutes and have the solution to take care of your flooring in hope of keeping its good-looking performance.

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